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Inspired by football Combines, this is your chance to test yourself using the same timing equipment and tests that the pros use. We've assembled the A-Team of speed trainers from across the country to develop a battery of tests to show you exactly how you perform using our custom WAR SCORE. So get training and we'll see you on the field for the ultimate fitness evaluation.

The Combine

Original pro combines evaluated a college athlete’s playing potential through various performance tests. Medical and fitness communities are embracing this approach beyond the playing field and understand that one’s ability to be strong, swift and mobile increases in importance every year. The old adage, “use it or lose it” has never been more appropriate.
Warrior Combine is FASTER


We place high priority on this measure. We conduct three important timed tests; the 40 yd. Dash, 5yd-10yd-5yd Shuttle Run, and the 15 yd. Reaction Sprint. One test measures speed, one quickness, and the last reaction time… all critically important to maintaining and even improving performance well past your “playing” days.

Warrior Combine is STRONGER


This isn’t about bodybuilding; it’s about body functioning. Weight resistant exercise is critical to building muscle mass and is a main focus for you to improve and for us to measure. We assess your strength in two ways; through a standard Bench Press (135 lbs. for max repetition) and a Vertical Leap.

Warrior Combine is HEALTHIER


A Warrior’s focus should be on a healthy body inside and out. If the Warrior Combine SM intends to put you on a path to a better YOU, it’s critical to move beyond your performance and into your internal health as well. Prior to the performance tests listed above, we will capture vital statistic such as Age, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, and Flexibility.

Your Data

The Warrior CombineSM is proud to partner with Zybek, a leader in the field of performance analysis equipment and provider of electronic timings at the 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 NFL Combines.

With their help, the Warrior CombineSM will be offering you a fully automated timing process, removing all human error (hand/eye reaction time) accurate to one thousandth of a second (.001). The Zybek systems, which provide consistent, predictable, and precise performance testing, are designed for measuring speed, vertical leap, agility, and other key metrics.

“We are excited for the opportunity to utilize the same technology used by the pros”, said Warrior CombineSM CEO, Jason Neef. “Our mission is to help our participants achieve better health, regardless of age. To accomplish this, the measurements we collect must be reliable. Zybek’s ability to provide the highest testing standards gives us the confidence that our participants will have a true picture of where they stand and how they can improve their overall health and longevity year after year.”

The Zybek timing systems are computer integrated and are capable of collecting data instantaneously. Performance measures (strength, speed and mobility), blended with key health biomarkers (heart rate, blood pressure, respiration), will provide a participant with a valuable benchmark for his overall health.

“At Zybek, we are focused on producing highly accurate equipment for a person’s assessment”, said Zybek founder, Mike Weinstein. “We are energized about the ability to transition our technology from professional football to the broader healthcare landscape through our involvement in the Warrior CombineSM.”

War Score

It’s human nature to want to know where one stands. Not to compete, but to improve. It is with great enthusiasm that we introduce the WAR SCORE, a proprietary calculation designed to give you a single final grade following all tests. Your score takes into account age, performance and key health indices to deliver a final cumulative total.

The significance of this number is vital not only as an initial benchmark, but also as a way to improve your health over time. We believe that “if you can track it, you can improve it”, so your personal WAR SCORE provides you that priceless measuring stick.

Example War Score

Receiving your WAR Score following each event is essential motivation to keep the fire burning. Reaching new heights every time you participate is what it's all about. By capturing key measurements and providing you totals for Health and Performance, you leave each Combine with a clear picture of how you performed and where you can improve.

Like everything we do at the Warrior CombineSM, we expect the value of the WAR SCORE to be of the highest quality and recruited world-renowned experts in the fields of Medicine, Nutrition, Statistics, and Sports Performance to assist us in this project.

Our Experts

Meet our panel of experts… We thank them for their contributions and dedication to achieving a healthier society!

Andrea Hudy, University of Kansas

Coach Hudy is a certified strength and conditioning specialist by the National Strength and Conditioning Association and USAW Level 1 certified. She is the Assistant Athletics Director for Sport Performance and handles the strength and conditioning responsibilities for the University of Kansas men's basketball team.

Joel Mason, MD, Tufts University

Joel Mason is a Senior Scientist and Laboratory Director 
in the Vitamins and Carcinogenesis Laboratory 
at Tufts University. He is a staff Physician/Professor of Medicine and Nutrition at Tufts University. Dr. Mason is considered a leading expert on aging and has done extensive research into improved longevity through diet, exercise, and overall lifestyle modification.

James Hanisch, Philadelphia Eagles

James Hanisch is a High Performance Analyst for professional football team, the Philadelphia Eagles. James is a key contributor and integral component to the sport science team within the Eagles' organization and has extensive experience with data analytics as it relates to an athlete's performance, training, nutrition and recovery.

Jim Radcliffe, University of Oregon

Coach Radcliffe has spent 29 years as Oregon’s head strength and conditioning coach. He is widely recognized as one of the leading authorities regarding exercise for the development of strength, speed and agility. He is active in national organizations surrounding his profession and is certified by the United States Weightlifting Federation.

Jill Hamilton Reeves, PHD, University of Kansas

Jill Hamilton-Reeves is an associate member of the Cancer Prevention Program in the University of Kansas Cancer Center. She has practiced as a registered dietician since 2004 and has been an NSCA-certified personal trainer since 1999. Jill continues to present to academic and community audiences about healthy lifestyle and disease prevention.

Clark Power, PHD, University of Notre Dame

Professor of Sports Psychology & Education at Notre Dame, Clark is one of the nation's leading minds in sports psychology and founder of the Play Like a Champion Today leadership initiative. He has served on the Board of the National Council for Accreditation of Coaching Education, the Notre Dame Faculty Board on Athletics, and the Association for Moral Education.

Jonathan Wingo, PHD, University of Alabama

Jonathan Wingo is a Professor of Exercise Science, and currently serves as Director of the Exercise Physiology Laboratory at the University of Alabama. The emphasis of his work is on performance optimization along with human cardiovascular and thermoregulatory responses during exercise. His academic focus is on Exercise Testing and Prescription..

Andrew C. Fry, PHD, University of Kansas

Andrew Fry is currently a professor in the Department of Health, Sport & Exercise Sciences at the University of Kansas. Andy has spent time developing the Research and Coaching Performance Team with the Athletic Department. His research focuses on physiological responses to resistance exercise, including over training.

Chris Doyle, University of Iowa

Coach Doyle is in his 15th year as strength and conditioning coach for the University of Iowa football program. Doyle is a certified strength and conditioning specialist with the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Association (CSCCa). He was presented with the certification of Master Strength and Conditioning Coach in May.

In The Press

Upcoming Combines


"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals" (Henry David Thoreau).

We understand that the benefit of participation is in the preparation required. The weeks leading up to the event are when you get stronger, faster, and healthier. Because of the importance of preparation, we wanted to provide an ideal training road map to assist our warriors and went directly to Track Town USA to create one!

Joel Favor

The Warrior CombineSM is excited to partner with University of Oregon Football Strength & Conditioning Coach Joel Favor to design our 8 WEEK TO ELITE Training Program. Coach Favor has spent the past 8 years as a veteran staff member with one of the most innovative football programs in the nation.

Oregon football has experienced a tremendous turnaround over the past decade, largely attributed to advances made in speed, conditioning and overall preparation. Mr. Favor has been intimately involved with all facets of Oregon’s “Speed School” and has provided expertise into techniques in lifting, running, and mechanics that have contributed to the program’s achievements.

8 Weeks to Elite

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Our Movement

The Warrior CombineSM began four years ago as a unique way for a group of "Weekend Warriors" to get in shape. While there are countless runs and walks that test cardiovascular fitness, there aren't many opportunities for 20-50 year olds to test their strength, speed and overall health.

The Warrior CombineSM exists to give you a benchmark for where you are and the motivation for where you can go. Regardless of your age, background, or ability, we all have the opportunity to be better than before.

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We have chosen to dedicate a portion of our proceeds to prostate cancer research. Other than skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in american men. Approximately 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime. Over the past four years, we have not only raised funds, but have also raised awareness for thousands of men throughout the country.

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